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Perl 's new wave

perl We all retrieve the `` Perl is dead '' plug from not adieu ago. Concisely: Perl 6 was n't there yet and perl ironically was n't a transcript of the language of the day ( python, ruby, C #,... ).

I was positively surprised by the response of the perl community. It was n't the typical `` our plans run fast '' ( to ruby fanboys

* ) or `` infinite as syntax wtf? '' ( to python fanboys
Alternatively it appeared that community took notice of the criticisms and doed reasonably clear that waiting for Perl 6 was not an option. Today, Perl 6 is making ok ( you can compose codification in Perl 6 ) and so is Perl 5

So what maked the community make? Goodly, Perl Best Practices
-and corresponding faculty Perl::Critic
- was a milepost saying people to halt composing perl 4 playscripts and prise sane best patterns to accomplish clean and elegant codification. Following to the many great faculties already at CPAN ( DBI:: *, Poe:: *, DateTime, DBIx:: Family
( after PBP ), Web:: *, etc ), the community determined to address some clear defects.

( invigorated by Perl 6 ) was an reply to one of the -in my opnion- greatest defect of Perl 5: the basic OO model. Perl-based Catalyst
bestrided the Ruby-On-Rail wagon. chromatic, a nucleus developer and important community member, commenced to think out loud
what really `` modern perl '' agencies you said it we can meliorate perl by getting eliminate disused features and bad patterns.

An other losing piece, was a beginners-friendly and perl-centric IDE. Padre is training to fill this demand. Gabor Szabo
was able to quickly organize a community developing padre ( including Alias
of Strawberry Perl and PPI renown ). I opine this was the sort of task I was waiting for.

I trust that by being component of this labor I can lend to this positive
perl new wave.

* fanboy! = user

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